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About Us

Voltech Healthcare Solutions is part of Voltech group to serve healthcare industry with its rich experience and strong foot in the world of business. It aims to provide complete Solutions to both Provider & Payer to strengthen their process with our technology driven Solutions & expertise in the subject.

We improve financial life of our provider and claim Adjudication and settlement of our Payer. Voltech processes provide your practice 90% - 95% first claims pass acceptance, 96% of claims paid in 30 days and 99% of payer claims collected which equates to smoother revenue stream, better collections and increased profitability.

Voltech Healthcare has a team of specialized and dedicated professionals eager to render their best. We help clients by leveraging our deep insight and knowledge, propelled by strategically designed work flow processes. At Voltech, we are committed to increase clients’ revenue and decrease overheads having transparency and integrity throughout process.

We strongly believe in “One size doesn’t all”, We customize our services to suit each and every precise requirement of our clients and ensure that we deliver what we promise: Profitability!

We create the trusted environment for our clients to have peace of mind on the claims and revenue, so that our clients focus on what they are good at – Practice & Patient Care

Vision & Mission

To serve healthcare Solutions to Global Market and become most preferred service provider to Payer & Provider

We enrich the experience of claim settlement and improve financial life of our provider, giving them the freedom to focus on patient care.

We do this by

  • Being a partner and consultant to our providers
  • Being cost effective and globally competitive
  • Being stern compliant of regulations
  • Being innovative and enhance the process to improve outcomes
  • Being uncompromising towards quality
  • Being customer centric