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Voltech Healthcare Solutions is part of Voltech group to serve healthcare industry with its rich experience and strong foot in the world of business. It aims to provide complete Solutions to both Provider & Payer to strengthen their process with our technology driven Solutions & expertise in the subject.

We improve financial life of our provider and claim Adjudication and settlement of our Payer. Voltech processes provide your practice 90% - 95% first claims pass acceptance, 96% of claims paid in 30 days and 99% of payer claims collected which equates to smoother revenue stream, better collections and increased profitability.

Director’s Desk

Feels good to serve healthcare solutions to one of the most respected professionals around USA. Voltech as an organization, we value human system and its effort to make the living space a better one for tomorrow’s generation. Healthcare professionals make it true in providing the best solution to the mankind day in day out.

Voltech aims to provide best solutions to global market be it healthcare or engineering, we are committed to deliver our customer needs. Our 25 years of existence in business arena encourages us to do much more to the society and human. We would aspire to partner with you for our better tomorrow.

Our Solutions


Medical Coding

    We access the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician's office through a secure network. The medical documents are verified and their validation is communicated to the client.

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Payment Posting

    When our team of experienced medical billing outsourcing professionals receives scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) and checks, these payments are entered into the system.

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Account Receivables

    Once the claims are submitted to the payer for processing, our expert medical billing BPO follow-up team resolutely pursues all unpaid insurance claims that have crossed the 30 days....

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Denial Management

    The denied claims are addressed on priority basis - our billers and coders find the missing puzzle pieces fast, and re-file or appeal the denial...

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Credit Balance

    As part of our medical billing outsourcing services, we can perform credit balance processing of the payer or patient, after verifying that it is a case of overpayment....

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Patient Statement

    We follow up with patients for any pending balance due after the insurance claim is processed A patient statement is generated and filed on a weekly or monthly basis....

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